Calling all SAHMs looking to re-enter the work force. What are you doing to keep to keep your skills etc up to date?

I'm TTC #1 and am slightly worried about the impact of taking time off work and then being able to find meaningful employment when I go back. In 2010, I took 10 months off work to take care of a sick parent and last year my company closed and I had a 5 month gap on my resume. 
Both times I picked up consulting work (part-time), and this last time I ran for the board of a local business council and took intensive language courses to make the best use of my time. In both cases I found it fairly easy to find full-time work again when I started looking whereas my brother-on-law who quit his job the same month didn't do any of that during his time off and just settled for a new job below his level of qualifications 14 months later. 
So my question to all the SAHMs is what are you doing to keep your foot in the door?

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