This is what I did this month and just got BFP

So I did things a little different this month and just got my BFP this morning so I thought I'd share for anyone else who might want some info!!
So I take my prenatals everyday.
I take vit c 1000mg daily.
Vit B6 100mg daily.
Starting from the first day of my period I took 2 evening primrose oil pills until ovulation day then I stopped. (I just started the vit c, b6, and evening primrose and I had SOO much EWCM this month...I mean tons). 
I also used progesterone cream, just a tiny bit on each forearm every morning starting the day of ovulation.  I was not having any luck getting pregant so I thought I would try this for a month until my dr appt next month, and if it didn't work then oh well, I'd stop and try something else next month...well I guess it worked!
I had deffinate spotting on 9dpo in the am, but only when I wiped, and my boobs got tender way sooner than normal and the other weird symptom was how much my nipples hurt and itched and this started a week and a half ago.  Other than that I havnt had really any other symptoms. 
I'm really hoping this baby sticks! I've been wishing to be pregnant for months now! 
Best of luck to all you ladies!!! Praying for BFPs for everyone!!