TTC for ~9months: Does BC pill take this long to wear off?


My husband and I got married July 2014.

I had been on BC pill since October 2013 due to painful PMS cramps (9 months of taking pill).

My husband and I decided I would stop taking the pill the month after getting married & try to conceive (TTC).

Its been 9 months now that we have been TTC. I usually have a pretty regular cycle except for 2 cycles where I was late by two weeks one of the months and the other month I completely missed my cycle.

I have heard that it may be the birth control pill.. BC it may take about a year to really wear off. And that may be why we have not been able to conceive yet. Insight?

It's so confusing BC now I am late again. I should have gotten my period 5-18-15. I hope to be pregnant this time, but I'm not worrying if I'm not. I still need to do my research and do my part in talking to my doctor. But I know God's timing is perfect either way.

Just wanted to share & get some insight ☺.