1:11 Chance

Got a call from the doctor and was given a 1:11 chance that my baby will be born with down syndrome. Normal for my age is 1:1000.. Already suffering from depression and anxiety, kinda pissed because I felt pressured in to having these tests. Least to say I'm scared. I've never known anyone or been around anyone with DS. Its not that I wouldn't love him/her just the same, I'm just scared. My main worries are 1. Financial. To some people maybe that seems cruel to say but really it's not. I don't want to struggle to give my baby what they need and deserve when I know that their are family's and places that would make sure everything went the way it needed. 2. Bullying. I was bullied as a kid and hearing some of the things I do I can only imagine what would be said to my kid. I maybe get angry and maybe punch someone in the face and I don't want to go to jail really. Am I worrying to much? Anyone prove the results wrong? Did you change you diet or do things differently when you found out? Does further testing give different odds?