Birth control options

I have a lot of issues with birth control and hormones. I was on a combination pill for a few years and it killed my libido but that's it. When I hit 18 I started to develop tumors in my breast. They are non cancerous but can be very painful. The estrogen in the pill started to cause severe pain and made the tumors grow more. I was put on the lowest dose estrogen pill and I still struggled. Finally I stopped taking birth control and was not sexually active for over a year. This caused my menstrual migraines to get worse. Eventually I went on a progesterone only pill. I gained so much weight in such a small time and I was working out. I would either get my period every other week or not get it for over a month. I took test and I wasn't pregnant. I'm seeing my gynecologist in June and I don't know what to do. I'm in a long term relationship and we don't want children. I'm currently 22. I'm not sure if I should try an IUD.