Am I wrong?

So my best friend texted me and asked if I would mind watching Sky (my god daughter) so I asked ok why? Her response is I need to get Chy (sky's mom/my sister)out of the house she's depressed cause of her husband. So her husband is a dead beat. He spends all their money on bars and shit for him when he doesn't make enough money to pay for rent in the 1st place so therefore making them have two roommates. She refuses to LET him go back to work climbing towers because he's away for weeks at a time while making $1600 a week plus amazing insurance. she's a SAHM. He comes home after working with his dad and has nothing to do with the baby he also has a 5yr old son from another woman he makes my sister take care of while he plays video games. So anyway I told her no I would not watch Sky because she has a husband at home who more than capable of watching her but he won't and she won't stand up to him! Am I wrong?