My car is totaled

So on my way to my ultrasound appt around 1030 am and I got into a bad accident. A car hit me and kept going. I'm 16 weeks Soni was pretty shaken up. I was able to see the baby punching and kicking so my bf and I were very relieved. He had the majority of the bumps and bruises on his face and head since the hit us on his side. I have bruising on my chest stomach and inflammation around my ribs. I'm trying to to stress but now it's another financial issue we have to face. I think he needs a few days off work to recover but he wants to ensure we stay on track with savings etc.We were trying to move in a bigger place but now we have to buy a new car to get to appointments and to work. I am thankful we have our lives a car can be replaced and money can always be made. Ladies make sure u wear your seat belt properly the bottom strap should always go below ur belly. Thanks for listening!