Boyfriends and talking about the past.

Maddi • 18 years young, graduating class of 2015, healthy eating and excursive are important!
Okay so ladies I need help. One year ago I got pregnant, my prengncy was completely healthy and my hole family supported me since I was only 17.. I had 2 ultra sounds everything was great and so was the baby but then at 15 I lost the baby and got really sick and I'll never be able to forget it... This has caused me allot of emotional pain and depression problems. This guy that I like allot right now is questioning why I know so much about baby's...  He knows I have depression just not why.. I'm really scared to tell him what happen and I honestly don't know how.. And the one year of me finding out I'm pregnant is coming soon so I'm really nervous about how that's gonna go. I also talk about baby's allot because my bestfriend has one and right now she's the joy of my life.. But can someone help please 😖