What do you think?

I know this situation is kinda a lot messed up. But. I'm currently talking to my ex's best friend. My ex cheated on me numerous times. And I didn't find out till he left for basic. Right before he left he acted like he didn't even care about me and told me he didn't want a relationship. So we just kinda died off. When I went to his old place to get my stuff I ended up hanging out with his roommate/best Friend. We clicked almost immediately. And now we are talking. It really just started off friends with benefits. But now I feel like it's turned into something more. But i dont know how he really feels. I try to talk about it with him. But we don't get too far before we start joking around and things so we never finish the full conversation. But he likes it when I come over just to stay the night. Or when I go grocery shopping with him, or he loved it when I hang out with him and his friends. And he treats me like his girlfriend. But we haven't told our families about each other. Only one of my friends knows but all his buddies know about us. We don't post anything on social media or anything so that my ex/ his best friend doesn't find out. I just wish I knew where we stood. Is it smart to continues the relationship? Or am I just wasting time with him? I have fallen hardcore for him. We have been fwb/talking for 8 months now. Sorry its kinda everywhere