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My fiancé & I have been TTC for about 3 months & I've always had irregular cycles, so I didn't expect this time to be different, but I normally don't have cramps during PMS or my period & taking the average of my irreg. cycles, I am about three days late. I normally have a high tolerance for pain, but these cramps that I've had for the past three days have been horrible to the point where I don't want to get up and my eyes start watering. During my first pregnancy I remember having implantation bleeding, but not so much the cramps & reading different articles on it shows that implantation cramping shouldn't be that severe. My doctor did a test on the 19th & it came back negative, but she did say that it may be too early to tell...even though I log on a regular, my irregular cycles still makes it hard for me to really understand when I am fertile or when my periods should start...has anyone had an similar experience and are these cramps something that I should worry about? My dad thinks I should go to the hospital, but I like to avoid visiting doctors unless I necessarily have to...any advice?