Any moms pregnant after recurrent miscarriage?

Ashley • Avoiding pregnancy. 3 losses (6, 16, 15 weeks). 1 earth son, Lincoln born at 26 weeks. Just turned TWO & doing great!
I am on pregnancy number 4. Looking for a buddy who is on a similar journey. I am worried about this baby, as I have MC at 6 weeks in 2011, Missed MC at 16 weeks in 2012 (son named Luke) and recently delivered our second son Leo at 15 weeks in December due to incomp cervix. This pregnancy was a told surprise. Our first two pregnancies were natural then my husband had low sperm count and were told we could never get pregnant naturally again so our 3rd baby Leo was an <a href="">iui</a> #3 baby .... And now... Surprise! Natural pregnancy! I'm just looking to connect with other women.