8th pregnancy, 1 live birth

So I am pregnant now. About 3 weeks... And I am terrified of losing another. With my last one, I hemorrhaged during my miscarriage and ended up having an emergency D&C. Having 3 panicked nurses struggling to get an IV in sucks and I was black and blue all over on top of being in pain. I'm scared to lose this one and since most of my family already knows now, I'm scared it is jinxed. This baby was not planned but is wanted and I'm trying to stay off my feet drink tons of water... I don't really have friends that can understand... And only one person in my family... I am truly terrified. I found out I was pregnant at 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. I got a positive pregnancy test and was bleeding so I went to the E.R. they said based on my HCG (56) and the fact that they saw no baby.. That I was too early or I was gonna lose it. So here I am with another threatened miscarriage. Any of you guys in the same boat?