5 weeks pregnant, heavy bleeding, blood clots and dropping HCG levels.

Tatiana • The mom, the myth, the legend ✨
I went to the bathroom when I wiped I seen blood on the tissue it wasn't enought to be dripping out, I just seen a little as I kept wiping it worried me. So I went into the ER, told the Dr what was going on so she inserted some long plastic thing in my vagina to see how much blood was up there, after that I started having heavier bleeding. Before hand they did a blood test my HCG level was at 6 they diagnosed me with a threaten miscarriage. She discharged me and said too come back to see if my HCG levels are rising. When I went home and went to bed the next morning I woke went per and seen some blood clots, every time I went too the bathroom that day I had then so when my bf got home from work I went back to the ER. Told the dr what was going on they did a blood test, told me my HGC level was at 4 so they were dropping. I ask for an ultra sound just too see If I had a sack and baby in there. I was told I was getting both vaginal and abdominal well they only did abdominal which I know doesn't give good results this early. They seen nothing so I was declared a miscarriage. I've had one previous pregnancy that went well I have a three year old, I never had a miscarriage so I don't know why this is even happening to me. I really can't even believe it and I still feel like there can be a baby growing inside.. Has this happen too any and it actually turns out you were earlier in pregnancy and a week or two everything was fine with baby?? Or should I just except this? I've been doing research and see a lot of positive out comes of these types of situations..