Seeing other pregnant people

I just wanted to vent a little to others who know what I am going through. I just need to get this off my chest and ask: AM I THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE WHO FEELS THIS WAY?!???   
1.  it is VERY VERY hard for me to see people who are pregnant (both friends and complete strangers). 
2. The part that makes it even harder is that I feel like people who are in an unstable relationship, uncommitted relationship or just plain weren't trying or wanting a baby are the lucky ones who get pregnant. 
Here I am employed in a great career, own a house big enough for a family, married to my husband whom I've been with for 6 years, and we've lost TWO BABIES in 6 months. I know "life isn't fair" but damn it I feel like this really IS NOT FAIR! Am I alone? Sometimes the jealousy I feel makes me think I'm crazy.  Of course I keep all this to myself so I don't sound crazy to those who haven't experienced a miscarriage so I wanted to ask those who have.