Sobbing uncontrollably?

Does anyone have such bad baby fever that they burst into subs uncontrollably? I started having baby fever last year, and it has slowly turned into such a strong desire that I will burst into tears that last about 5-10 min. My heart aches for a baby so much! Plus, it doesn't help that 16 of my friends are pregnant so seeing pregnant bellies and newborns does not help! 
We were planning on TTC this July, but due to many reasons (I started a new job, just finished my masters-so student loans- and will take a major exam this August) we are thinking about holding off until I am less stressed. My DH says a good time might be December, but as a teacher, it would be much more ideal to conceive during the summer months. However, I don't think I can't wait to start TTC for another year- oh if it was a perfect world! 
So my questions are: am I clinically insane for crying uncontrollably? And is there anything that I can do to ease the pain?