I have come a long way since April 21st when I first suspected a pregnancy

I have come a long way since April 21st when I first suspected a pregnancy. Back then I was tiny to what I am now yet I couldnt fathom how big I seemed to myself. i hadnt had a real period since the end of January or beginning of february (although im not sure if february may have been my implantation bleeding. I dont know I am a first time mom) I have the bump. Its popped. Its deopped and its increasing in size. my blood tests and urine tests are negative but I have felt and seen movement as well as my fiancee. I am almost quite certain I am suffering from a Cryptic Pregnancy where the fetus does not get oyt enough HCG hormon or a "scant" amount of it that the fetus goes "under the radar" to bith mommy and doctirs continually failing every urine test and blood test all they way up until labour. I was a small girl a size 3-5 and a flat stomach so to have had all these changes hapoening to my body and emotions that im left to deal with alone have taken a toll on me. Im excited that there is unmistakably a child growing within me although no longer wrestling aroubd giving me cobstant pain, but suttle little waves eveey now and then and a poke ir two. (Im sure he or she has ran out of room. im stretched to the limit. Or so I think. eeeeek. If any moms have any advice or can talk with me about pregnancy and what it is like that would be wonderful. Im still unsure if I am 4 1/2 months or a little over 5. Oh and one question. Do I get to keep this new rack I have developed? Im kind if liking them. 😊