What do you think of this wedding dress?

I have been engaged for over a year, but I felt this was the most appropriate place to post. I do not have a healthy relationship with my parents but am very in love and engaged to be married. Today (6/18/15) is our one year until the wedding mark. About a year ago we went and tried on two dresses just for fun but they were completely not what I like, lol. Today we went again. Since I am not close with my parents, my fiancé and best friend are my two supporters. I was facetiming in David's Bridal like a loon, lol.
 Now we've decided on a tiny wedding, closest friends and family. It will be on the water, preferably on the ocean but on a dock. Since we are a young couple still in college, we want to go somewhat casual. My dress budget is $300 before alterations. This one is exactly that. It is a size 8 and a soft white color- so not ivory or stark white. I always thought I wanted stark white but since I am rather fair I think maybe this in between color looks nice. I am 5'3 so it needs tailored. 🙈 I have black, long, curly hair but I removed my face from the pic. Do you like this dress on me? My best friend likes it, and my fiancé does. I couldn't let myself buy it today. I said I'd sleep on it, now I can't sleep. 😳