Lyme Disease and co infections.

I'm not sure If I am the only one but I'm sure I'm not. I thought would be an interesting discussion so those mommas out there who may be suffering from Chronic Lyme disease and co infections like me. I know some mothers who do have Lyme and cos take antibiotics while pregnant. I just wanted to share that I take maintenance dose of Monolaurin , Biofibrin, Somento (cats claw), Magnesium Malate, Prental Omegas, Whole food Prenatal suppliments and Probiotics. I wanted to share there are natural alternative to treating Chronic Lyme Disease and keeping baby safe! So if anyone out there is suffering I'm always here to talk ! I know how alone this disease can be! I am 16 years Chronic and finally got diagnosed July 2014 with a two year old that has congenital Lyme.