A-Typical PCOS (Skinny PCOS)

Hello Ladies,
After 16 months of TTC baby #2 (our first took 6m) I decided to head to the Dr. and find out what was going on. After going through a series of tests, ultra sounds, and more tests my Dr. was perplexed so she sent my info to a specialist. He "diagnosed" me with A-Typical PCOS.  A-Typical or Skinny PCOS means that you don't display the usual symptoms or have the usual weight issues that some struggle with. I'm 5'3" and weigh 120lbs - very active and eat very healthy. The only guidance my Dr. could give was medical intervention to get preggers. We went through a few cycles of Clomid with no luck (my husband wasn't really on board) so I ended the treatments and have been trying natural methods ever since. 
I've been taking Raspberry Leaf, Vitex, and other supplements that support a women's reproductive system and I have cut soy out of my diet as much as possible (it's in everything!). In the last few months I've really noticed a difference in my cycles - they've always been regular for the most part, but they seem to go better. Little to no PMS! In the past my cycles were always very painful. In addition to all of this I've been following some of the diet advice in the book "making babies" by Sami David & Kill Blakeway. No Coffee (this was tough for me!), no alcohol, lots of veggies, good amount of protein - especially during certain times in a cycle, and avoiding refined sugars. ** I recommend picking up a copy of this book! **
Although, I haven't gotten my BFP I really feel things are on track and I'm full of hope! 
Has anyone else been labeled with A-Typical PCOS or Skinny PCOS? If so, I'd love to hear your stories!!