Baby Boy will NOT take my fiance's last name

Brittney👣 •

My fiance has 2 kids, both boys, with his last name also. His family consists of him and 2 other brothers that also have their family last name... My dad is the last on my side of the family with our last name and he isn't having any more kids or getting married to pass along our last name.... I LOVE my last name, its very different and my daughter has my last name also.

So since I'm having a boy now, we are giving him MY last name.

My fiancés mother, father and brother all think this is the worst, unholy, nontraditional, bad thing ever!

I don't see it that way at all!!!

I'm not changing my mind on my son having my last name but I wanted to know if anyone else has done this for the same reasons? Or am I just completely crazy for doing this??

My fiance is very into his kids life and this new baby on the way. So its nothing personal towards him at all. And he understands.

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