So frustrated at this pointπŸ˜“πŸ˜“

Daisyboo β€’ God 1st mother of two boys😊😊😊😊
Okay Ima tell the short story instead of the long story
Well May 9th I found out I had a smell cyst on my left ovary which why I was having cramps that felt like contraction
So I went too the obgyn the dr put me on birth control which made me so sick an uncomfortable so I stop taking itΒ 
I had another appointment June 17th to see if the cyst was still there so the lady took a look at me an said ms Scott the Cyst is on the right side an my right ovary is big as a full lemon which isn't normal an that where the cyst is not my left side so the dr seen me the same day went off what the first dr said didn't even check with the lady that looked at it 45mins before he even came in then he had a nerve to say she can't tell you nothing and me and her saw it so now I'm confused ladies please help me an give me some advice thanks 😊😊😊😩😩