Want to leave him

I want to leave my boyfriend we have 1 child together and another on the way. He's not going to change or put our family first. He doesn't do anything for me or anyone else. He acts like a child and gets away with everything possible. We live with his parents and they baby him pretty much. He has no responsibilities and no respect. He never spends any time with his son or me and if he does he's always on his phone. Its like hes not even with us when he is. He can't live without it seems like. I don't want a life with someone who can't man up and be there for his family and put them first and can't be a loving boyfriend to his girlfriend. He's always asking for sex or to touch and I tell him no and he doesn't listen and touches me anyway I yell and hit him and punch when he's to show him I'm not okay with it and I even tell him I'm not okay with it but he doesn't take no for answer or he says no means maybe sometimes... Like wtf?! I'm pregnant and don't want anything to do with him sexually or be around him at all he just constantly pisses me off. Like I don't want to be around you if your not going to listen to me and be nice and take no for no. Or make me food when I ask for something or to go get me something from the store. I do everything for him and he can't do one thing for me.