Really late... Plan b?

Blah blah blah Plan B messes with your system, you shouldn't rely on it as birth control. I didn't, and had no choice in taking it. I did not know the side effects. I had my period for five days before April 19th. Took Plan B April 27th, bled May 1-2. Got my period 5 weeks after the 1st on May 19, one week late. At one day late I took a test (neg obvi) to be sure. Now I've passed the five week mark, and I'm still late. I had unprotected sex since then, so I know I could be pregnant. Why would I have unprotected sex if I took plan b? I took it after a sexual assault, the other intercourse was with my SO. We have been  not trying not preventing for 8 months and never got pregnant so my question begs this: is it more likely that my period is going to be significantly late due to plan b or more likely that I am pregnant? I was very very regular before hand. I have NO SIGNS of getting it any time soon.