Giving Babies Water Before 6 Months ?

Comment your Opinions on this topic and if you do / did or didnt give your baby water before 6 months . 
My MIL has been telling us to give our baby water but I refuse to because I heard its bad and the research I did said not to however , ive seen some moms say they do give their baby water and that nothing happened. Last time my MIL bought up the topic (yesterday) I told her I don't give my baby water because I read that it's bad before 6 months , she said that was a lie . Today , when we came to visit her I let my sister in law hold my baby and I saw my MIL giving my baby water with a little spoon . I don't want to be rude but I hate how she doesn't respect my decision it's like stop insisting , if you did that with your kids then fine but don't do it with mine because she's not your kid ! 
I also hate how after me telling my husband that I do not want to give the baby water until she's 6 months he had told me " okay you don't have to if you don't want to " but when he saw his mom giving my baby water he was just watching and didn't tell her anything I feel like since that's his mom it's not my place to tell her something and that he should step up and tell her. I'm also the shy type , I guess that's how she knows me as and that's why she tries to do the things she does but when it comes to my kid it's different , I get mad and feel like telling her off 

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