Who was right

Lulu • Ttc baby numbero uno 😀 excited, cannot wait
Okay so my bf usually goes gets a haircut 2hrs away to also see his mom i usually go with him but since . ive been working he goes at 730 he told me he was on his way home i get out at 8 fron work. He told me to be ready bc we were going to go out to his friend bday celebration. So 2 hrs Passed and im texting. And calling yet no response and since it was raining i was getting worried. Then adter thise two hours he texts me saying he hasnt left and hes with his friends drinking so i got pissed off bc ive been texting and calling yet no answer and he didnt bother to tell me he was still over there so i threw a fit he broke up with me bc i went off o. Him but i told him after thise two hrs and me thibkibg he was almost here i was ready yet no response or nothing and i was worries he said i was dumb bc i dont trust him yet idc if hes with his friends i told him all i needed was a text or call so was i wrong to overreact