Medicaid Question


Hi ladies so I'm only 6 weeks pregnant now but had a recent ER Hospital visit for a ruptured cyst and everything turned out fine.

The OBGYN office I chose is the same that my bestfriend had but her pregnancy sadly ended in a miscarriage. She had Medicaid as a secondary insurance and she ended up beng able to use it for the expenses that her primary didn't cover. This was this year.

As I went for a follow up from my ER to my OBGYN, I check out and ask them how do I go about paying because I had applied for Medicaid and was waiting to hear back. They let me know that they don't take Medicaid as a secondary insurance. How can this be when it was only this year that my bestfriend used it as well. So confused I love my office and don't want to leave. I'm trying to wait to ask again on Monday because it was a new receptionist.. Just trying to weigh my options here. I'm a first timer.