Feeling so down today.

I'm 10weeks tomorrow and it's just such a hard time right now.  I started the divorce last week and have been feeling stronger lately but I just feel so sad today.  Maybe hormones.  How can I still love a verbally abusive human being heck I'm not sure if he's human anymore. Knowing that he's out and about sleeping around and on pof (dating site) and craigslistads and everything. He still send me emails cursing at me (I've stopped responding) it just hurts so much. How he has no remorse no nothing. How I was just discarded. I used to be so confident and so happy before him and now I'm just a mess of emotions. 21 and pregnant, terrified so scared.  Hurt just so many emotions.  I feel so alone since I'm in Hawaii, my family is in jersey and luckily he's in Michigan so I don't have to see him doing. That in person. I'm just so hurt right now.