I don't know which is the right choice

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I am 16 and according to my last period 5 weeks pregnant my boyfriend is 18 and is going off to college in August he wants me to have an abortion and wait until we are married to even have sex again. He feels that if I have the baby it will ruin both of our lives he did say before I even tested that he was here every step with me and I really believe him. When I'm talking to him about it or my best friend ( who is trying to convince me to keep it) I feel like abortion is the best opinion for me but when I'm alone and thinking I want to keep the baby but at the same time with my boyfriend going off to college I don't want him coming home all the time to be with me and the baby bc I feel that would ruin college for him but then again I don't want to go through this without him I don't want to tell my mom until I know what I want to do. Also before I knew I was pregnant I road roller coasters and drank( I know I should but my step mom made it and I felt bad not drinking it since she made it for me) also I've been around weed smoking a lot I don't smoke but my boyfriend and his friends do. I don't think I could give it up for adoption bc after 9 months and delivery I'd want to keep it. My mom is going to kill me when she finds out. She has money problems already and the laat thing she needs is this stress. I just need advice.