"God would not allow... "


Okay, so I see a lot of people using it's in God's plan or God would not allow it to happen if it were wrong , etc etc, as their reasoning behind supporting or not supporting something.

I, personally, do not understand how that is valid? I'm not religious at all, so I figured I'd ask.

If God would not allow a person, in your opinion, to conceive/have a child if it wasn't a right fit etc, then how do you explain horrible women being able to reproduce, for example, the woman who was in the news a while back for killing all of the babies she had? She hid their bodies in the garage if I'm remembering correctly?

If a certain person having children is justifiable to you because "if she wasn't supposed to have it, God wouldn't allow her to conceive"

Then why does "He allow" the mothers who kill their infants after birth, to conceive.

I'm genuinely curious, and don't understand the logic honestly.