My husband doesn't want us to tel our families were pregnant because of so many losses

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6.19.14 we lost our baby boy Zander Wyatt at 6 months along.
1.21.15 we lost our lil girl Journey Azalea at 12 wks.
4.25.15 we had a chemical pregnancy.
And we're pregnant again-- husband wants to wait until first real ultrasound appointment around 12-14 weeks or I'm obviously showing before telling anyone because he doesn't want to have to feel awkward around them again if something happens..
I want to tell my mom and dad but he doesn't want me to for a lil while either and he's not telling his mom. 
I feel guilty hiding something from my mother when if something does go awry I would like to k is I have her praying for us... 
I understand him being cautious because of so many losses that Drs and specialists say we're not at all related.. But... STILL!?