In appropriate questions to ask someone with kids


Is it just mean or is anyone else shocked but the questions strangers and even family members think is okay to ask.

For example both me and my SO have brown hair and brown eyes. Our child has blonde hair blue eyes so people automatically make comments about ohh that must not be his real dad ?.....I find it rude to ask this and insulting!!! My SO is his real dad, people just assume that because our hair and eyes are brown we obviously can't have any children with anything else but that's not how genetics work.. Both me and my SO'S mothers and grandparents have blonde hair and blue mostly all our children will be blonde and blue, I personally love it however I'm dreading raising them while constantly being asked who their real dad is....I grew up with this as a kid because my mom was so fair skinned with blue eyes and I hated it. I looked like my dad so they always asked if she was my real mom....... is that not rude !!!!

Sorry for the rant but ima flip out next time someone asks about my son's real dad, or maybe I'll just start saying, ohh idk I guess just for fun.