Baby Names

I'm only 5 weeks and 1 day, but we're already choosing baby names because we are not going to know the gender until the baby is born. He is black and I'm mixed with black and white. He keeps saying we need "black" names, but I don't see why. Why do we have to give our child a "black" name? Anyway, before I get all upset, let me just list the names😂 
Boy: Khalil, Abel, Arsenal, Anthony, Corbin, Donovan, Elijah, Jaxson, Spencer, Tristan, and Waylon. 
Girls: Aaliyah, Alana, Amiyah, Anaya, Braelyn, Gia, Jada, Lana, Sasha, Tatyana, Arina, Kira, Taisia, Aisha, and Maliyah. 
I'm in love with Arsenal and Maliyah. What do you think? Sorry for the novel! Lol