Thinking of splitting with partner??

My SO and parents simply just don't get on, not even for the sake of myself! I end up crying alot of the time as I feel I'm stuck in a situation of having to choose alot which is horrible! What makes this all worse is that I'm nearly 32wks pregnant and the situation all seems to be getting worse! They literally won't talk or be in the same room as eachother and the majority of the time I feel as I'm to blame for being such a big pushover! I have been thinking of leaving him as when I think of the future I think of family and want my child to grow up with everyone around her! I'm just hating the idea of having to move out, upload all my stuff whilst 8 months pregnant! We've not long finished our nursery which upsets me more! I do really love the guy but I feel as if I can't put up with the stress much longer! Once again I feel stuck in a situation I don't want to be in!