Lost my job because I'm having a baby.

Bianca • Kelsie 01.30.16 Madi 02.01.14
So me and my husband found out I was pregnant when I was 4weeks which to us we where really surprised. We had ectopic pregnancy last year, I had lost my right tube and was told by many doctors that it would be a miracle if I got pregnant. So when I tell my boss she was okay at first and then my doctor told me I am a "high risk" and I need to make sure I take things easy. He put me on restriction to only lift 20 pounds. My boss was not happy about that at all. She was so furious that she took me off the schedule, in works "til further notice" I haven't worked in 3 weeks now and I'm starting to stress out. My husband said he was going to get a second job but I don't want him to over work himself. I've looked everywhere but because of my health I have to take it easy. 
I just want to know has anyone else had to deal with this?? If so what did you do?