What do you say?

So, I've had 4 terrible weeks, my 5 year relationship is over, my Af showed up 2 days earlier, it was weird and brown, at the 3rd day it finally started showing as a normal Af, and then at the 4th day it went away. I stopped taking the pill for different reasons at the end of the package, and yesterday a day after I started a treatment with Ketoconazole I started spotting, had this big spot and then it was lighter and less, I had to stop the treatment because of the bleeding, today I still have some spotting but is just when I go to the bathroom. I will call my doctor tomorrow. But I'm a bit scared. I had a little infection, but I don't see why that would affect my cycle at all, on the other hand, I stopped taking the pill. But my Af was weird and came earlier. I can't be pregnant, right? Is just that I am so bloated, It would be the worse timing in my life. Im moving soon to another country, Im on my own. But I dont see how that could be possible if I had bleeding for 4 days. Should I ask my doctor to make a test? Or should I just stay calmed? Could it be due all the stress I had this last month? I am old enough to take the responsibility of a child, and I would, but I was taking the pill ... Idk, what are your opinions about all of this?