Choosing the right Hospital! Important things to be aware of...

Just read over a previous post I made about how badley women in some countries are mistreated. The U.S. may not be perfect, but my heart truly goes out to these women being tortured so badly during childbirth.
Anyhow, after reading a few comments/ replies on my post, I realized that so many people don't know what to look & how to choose a hoptial. Being well educated in this field, I guess I just assumed that everyone knew most of these things. For example you always want to choose a hospital that uses LEAN Six Sigma strategies. These strategies significantly reduce the risk of human error, which is bound to occur in any activities involving humans (we're human, it's what we do & it's expected). However, when it comes to our health care, we must try to prevent this to the fullest. 
 I know you all want the best care possible
For you and your baby during your delivery. When choosing a hospital that you can trust to ensure that you receive the best care, please be sure that the hospital you choose is on the LEAN Six Sigma strategy. I know many people choose just to look at the reviews of the hospitals. While the reviews can be helpful, it's not as important as the strategy used by the hospital & the actual stastical facts that have resulted from the strategy.  Someone may have given the hospital a bad rating, but that  is just a personals opinion. So it's always
Important to look through the factual reports! Hope this was helpful to anyone who may be worried about choosing the right hospital. I know I left lots of information out as I'm very exhausted from lack of sleep, so feel free to ask about anything that I didn't clearly explain. I also have a bad tendency of expecting people to just understand what I'm taking about & won't Clarify myself very well!