Travel system pros/cons

Natalie • Feb ’20 💚 March ‘18 💙 Dec ‘15 💙🧩 4 miscarriages 🌈
Tell me about the pros/cons of your travel system.  Is a travel system even necessary?  How often do you take your car seat out of the car?  Is it more practical just to find a car seat, then a separate stroller?  FTM looking for something that won't break the bank (not interested in the high end ritzy stuff, just the point a to point b safely stuff!).  We live in the suburbs but we are pretty active and walk the dog daily (don't plan to stop when baby comes!).  Baby will go to daycare so a good car seat will be used almost daily, too.  Dad will drop off, I'll pick up (another dumb question:  would it be easier to get a second car seat?!).  Thank you for your help!