Why do you think women are still made to feel guilty?

You have the right to have an abortion and you should not be ashamed if you get one. To give your body up and the next 18 years of your life is a massive commitment for an unwanted child. I've already disclosed that I'm getting an abortion and immediately been called selfish. I tell you - it would be selfish if I actually had a child. A woman is expected to be "motherly" "neurtuing" so if you terminate a pregnancy, still in 2015, you are called selfish!? I'm not appologising! I can't have a child so I won't. 
The earth does not need anymore people, in fact, it needs the opposite. There are plenty of kids that need adopting or fostering. This belief that women shouldn't terminate their pregnancy because what? They're selfish if they do? So stupid! What happened to feminism?!