Birth story!

I went in Friday July 3rd at 5:30am to be induced. They started the induction at 6:30 with cytotec inserted vaginally every 3 hours. Once it was inserted each time I had to lay flat for an hour.. After that hour I could move. I got 3 doses, and then was dilated to 4cm. At that time my doctor broke my waters, and that's when the contractions hit hard and often! Next check though I wasn't dilated anymore. At that time she started pitocin through the IV.. After the pitocin was administered and upped a few times I was checked again and was only 5cm... At that time my OBGYN discussed the possible need for a c section. My boyfriend and I decided if that was best for baby we were okay. So around 11:30 after being in labor for 18 hours we headed to the operating room. She was born at exactly 12 on the Fourth of July! We found out after that she was stuck in the Beth canal AND head up.. So there was no way she was coming out vaginally, which makes me glad we went with the c section instead of trying vaginally first.