What I won't tell the next mommy to be

Catherine • Pharmacy Student, Army Wife, Proud Mommy
Am I the only one to say that since I found out I was pregnancy, everybody I came across had the most worst thing to say to me about pregnancy, things like I'm going to be so huge, kiss my cute bonds goodbye, I'm going to have crazy stretch marks,my boobs are going to grow as big as watermelons, I'm never going to be the same. 
It's crazy. I haven't really met much mommies to just say to me, "your pregnancy will be whatever you make it. Congrats" you know just something positive. 
Why is it?  That when we tell people we are pregnant we normally (or it may just be in my case) that everyone has to tell you the horrid stories. It's almost like you don't get a lot of good stories or positive feedback. 
I'm 36wks and I must say. Everything anyone told me about me gaining weight, getting stretch marks, getting swollen, boobs growing huge didn't happen. Since my pregnancy I only gained 17lbs (had my dr appt today to confirm) I can still fit my old clothes, I didn't get any stretch marks. My boobs only went up a cup size. Which you can't even notice. And I don't get swollen. 
So I know for me, if I ever come across anyone who is excepting I will not scare them into thinking they will lose themselves. I will encourage them to enjoy their pregnancy. 
***Note, I know some women do this in good nature. But some, some actually do it just to scare you. And that's wrong. ***