Looking younger for your age

Emily 🌈 • Australian, married since 2016, 2 miscarriages then my rainbow Sevana Iris was born 27th Feb 2018 💜 Tamara Aster born Sept 9th, 2019 💜

I'm 18, I'm legally an adult but because I don't plaster on make-up like a lot of girls do, I look 14 :( I got secondary ID'd at a club I went to, I always get asked for ID even just walking into sex shops. Its incredibly frustrating! I'll be thankful for looking younger when I'm 40 and look about 30 but at the start of adulthood is just frustrating. My doctor actually thought I was 12. Why.

When I was 15-16, people thought I was 18-20, I have no idea whats changed apart from the fact that I wear a little less make-up.

Its going to be terrible when I actually have a baby, people are going to think I'm a fourteen year old mum. When in actual fact, I'm an adult that can take care of herself.

Just had to have a little rant. Can anyone else relate?