Blood draw and ultra sound!

Nicole • Married June 2014, and TTC our first! :)
Blood draw and ultra sound complete!!  During the ultra sound she said she saw an endometrial cavity, not sure what that means, I'll have to look it up, and that my right ovary had 12 follicles and left had 14, again no idea what that means, I am going to do some googling later, but she did say at the end that my ultra sound looked good.. So that's positive I guess.  The blood draw went terribly, I took the Valium but it did nothing, so I hyperventilated the entire time she was taking my blood, luckily she got a different needle that I guess goes faster? So it actually was rather quick which is good, and she took 4 viles! But at the end she was like "if you are going to have a treatment plan that requires a lot of blood draws you need to get something for anxiety"  I was like she gave me Valium but it seemed to do nothing!!  So next time I will have to request something stronger.  Ugh, but it was quick and it's over now.  I have my HSG scheduled for July 20.  And then that's it for the tests for now and we will go over the results.  So glad to have this part over and almost be done with the testing! Can't wait to see what the next step will be! Every step is getting me one step closer to my baby!