Any ladies experts in deciphering these things?

Hi ladies! 
First, I apologize if this is in the wrong place. I've searched for the faint line group, but if it's not faint enough I don't want to upset or hurt anyone's feelings because they don't want BFP
Back story: 
Married once before 7 years ago (physically and mentally abusive husband. We tried for two years, I took clomid, did bbt, tracked ovulation, did th saliva test while combating cycles anywhere from 28 days to 68+ days
Fast forward. Used glow starting in January to start tracking again. Hubby knew it might be a rough journey TTC based off past information. Married in May and we decided to halt all BC and go with the flow. Glows predictions have been not accurate, but last month we rocked the sexy time during my predicted fertile time, but none were ever accurate so, did not think anything would happen. I didn't even have fertile CM. I'm a classic sex wherever, whenever no protection and we have never had to worry. Well, a few days later, sore, sore boobs, I'm miss snappy pants, I can't drink enough and have had odd cramps. No implantation bleeding. Went out to dinner and my freshly pregnant friend said " you need to pee on a stick, now"  so I waited a few more days. I've taken so many tests, just to have my period start the day after. Today I woke up, went to Walgreens, came home, did the test and.... There is a line, but holy crap could this be?!?! I then read that you should use pink dye not blue because blue could produce a false line and now I just don't know what to think. The photo was taken roughly two minutes after I dipped in urine. Should I go get a pink test? This is all so surreal!! I appreciate any thoughts! 
Thank you! Sorry this is so lengthy, I just thought we were going to have to move the moon to become pregnant and now, here is a faint, maybe false, line. Why didn't I just get the pink?!