Freaking out! Someone talk me down.

Hi ladies. I had my second ultrasound today and the doctor seemed to be focusing a little on a small area next to my dominant follicle. He didn't mention anything about it, and when I asked him how everything looked he said "good. Only a day or so away from triggering" but I am still worried. He has never focused on one small area like that before. Then, I overheard the doctor and the nurse discussing a patient (less than 5 feet from me, I might add) who had a 20-22 mm follicle and something solid in her ovary. Then the nurse said something inaudible and he said it wasn't a normal follicle and not to give the patient that (not sure what?) and then they walked away. 
So, when it was my turn to go and talk to the nurse I asked her if everything was alright because he focused on one area and she said he didn't leave any notes so everything must be fine. She said she was sure that if something was wrong he would've noted it. 
But, in worried that, based on the convo I heard a little of (I know I shouldn't have listened, but they were basically standing next to me) that there was something weird in there and he just isn't telling me. The plan right now is for me to trigger on Sunday, but I can't seem to stop worrying that something is abnormal in there. We had just talked about how stressed I was and how if this cycle didn't work I was going to take a month off for a mental health break. I'm afraid he didn't tell me because of that. Is this insane? 
There was also one lady in the waiting room with me who mentioned having a cyst, but she left with all the stuff to do an <a href="">IUI</a>, so I'm not sure what to think. 
My husband tells me he is medically obligated to tell me if it was something that matters. Sorry for the long post, but what do YOU think? I'm hoping some consensus either way calms me down.