I was called ignorant today: little rant

Krisilynn • 23 years young. Happily in love. Currently pregnant with our rainbow baby🌈🚼! Due to meet baby on March 28th!

Because I've decided to deactivate my Facebook account because lately everytime i scroll down my news feed all I see is pregnancy announcements, ultrasounds, and baby bumps. I never whine about it. If anything I continue to reach out to the women on my fb who lately gone through pregnancy loss and women who still struggle with it. Even if it makes me a little more sensitive. I never want anyone to feel alone about it if its what they don't want. Today 4 more girls I know came out and everyday I have to watch my SO's little ignorant sister be pregnant. And its just starting to really get to me. Knowing I go through recurring pregnancy losses and seeing it all just makes me sensitive. So I made a status just stating I'm becoming overwhelmed with some things and moments later a comment came up. "You're so ignorant! So what if youve lost babies. Don't make everyone else feel like shit, you're stupid and don't even deserve to have a child if all you can do is make people feel bad"

But yet. I never do anything to make people feel bad? Like I never whine about it, I always congratulate people even if it hurts. How on earth.

Its bugging me. BC lately all I've gotten from people is that I'm selfish about It...but do I not get that right kind of? I've lost 4 pregnancies in 2 years...when all I want is to be a mommy..