Just wanting opinions

Sorry for the tmi picture, but thanks in advance to everyone who comments on this giving me their thoughts.

Just a little about me: i'm 19. I was pregnant last year, but miscarried in May at 8 weeks. I had unprotected sex on july 1st this year and idk if he pulled out or not, and ovia says it was my peak fertility day, but glow says it was the day after my peak fertility day, so I'm either 7 or 8 dpo, I think.

I was just wondering what this CM meant? Its white, creamy, and really thick. Like there's a mixture of CM and it kinda looks like there's CM that's stretchy, clear, and kinda like eggwhites, with the white, creamy (slightly sticky) CM in the middle of it.

Just any thoughts on any of the info here? :)