Breastfeeding in public rant

Is anyone else afraid of offending someone for breastfeeding your child in public (with or without a cover) so you pump and bring a bottle just to avoid a conflict. You'd think in this day and age people would be mature enough to handle a mother feeding her baby in the most natural way. I try to avoid conflict so much that I won't even feed my child the way I want to when I'm out and about. I knew someone who was shamed so bad by someone when she fed her daughter (without a cover) while dining at a restaurant that she actually stopped breastfeeding cause she figured it must be wrong. There were other times she was called out for breastfeeding but at the restaurant was the last straw for her. She didn't even flash her breast when she went to feed the baby, she was very discreet. But I guess babies don't deserve the luxury of dining comfortably while out and about. They should have to eat in the bathroom or out in the hot/cold car or have a bottle just cause they aren't at home. I guess I just really need to grow a pair and tell people to mind their own business and feed my baby the way I want 😕😕