SUPER weird

It's a long story but due to severe UC, I had to have a complete colectomy (removal of entire colon), had an iliostomy bag, and now have an internal jpouch (tricks my body into thinking I still have some colon left).
One of the many side effects is that I essentially have chronic diarrhea 24/7, among other things.
Well, I am on CD17, have taken Clomid 50mg this cycle and DH and I have BD per doc's schedule.
I have a list of symptoms but among them, I am super tired, bloated, gassy (although I can actually pass the gas due to my pouch), feel almost like I have a sinus cold coming on, and here's the weird symptom for me...
I think I'm constipated 😳. 
NOTHING has ever stopped me up in the last 10 years post-op and its nearly impossible due to my pouch etc.
Anyone else have this during ovulation? I can't find any literature on constipation during ovulation but I can find lots for constipation during pregnancy. Been TTC for 2+ years.
Any advice would be appreciated!