Parents Stressing

💙Mia • Cajun & Proud, Conservative, wife to Royce 4.12.14 ❤️, mother to Bennett 8.12.15 💙
Does anyone else have parents that are stressing them out about the stupid hospital bag?! 
I'm 28 years old, married, live with my husband in our own house.... And my parents won't get off my back about getting my hospital bag packed and put in my car for when I go into labor (currently 36w6d, last weeks doctor apt she said she gives me 2 weeks, so based on that she thinks I'll go into labor in the next week to two weeks). 
Also, my dad expects that if I go into labor at work, to have my bag in my car, and call him or my mom (husband works 30 mins away) to come pick me up from work and drive me to the hospital (40 mins away) and have my husband meet us there. I live literally, 8 minutes from work. I am perfectly capable of driving myself home from work once labor starts. 
It seems as if he thinks I have to immediately rush to the hospital once contractions start or my water breaks. I'm sorry, but I want to at least shower before going to the hospital. And I don't want to sit in the hospital waiting, when I could be sitting on my couch waiting (since they recommend going to the hospital when contractions are 5 minutes apart; I'm not going to the hospital when they're 10 minutes apart). 
Anyone else dealing with this? So frustrating!