C-Section or Epidural you are NOT less of a women

Catherine • Pharmacy Student, Army Wife, Proud Mommy
Since this my pregnancy I have seen  so many debates about whether a women should get epidural, and if a women chooses to she is some how less of a women for doing so because she isn't "trusting her body" or when a women has to gets a c-section or decides she wants she is considered "crazy" or "less of women". 
For me I do not want epidural and I won't be getting any (my hospital has you sign paper work if opt out of it, you can not get it unless you are having a c-section) my reason is i don't like knowing that my body can or will go numb (the thought of not being able to control my body) It's scares me, the same as getting a c-section its scares me (hell even going Vaginally scares me ) knowing that I will be awake while they cut me open I know I won't feel anything just a little pressure but it's something personally that scares me. 
But if I have to get. C-section I'lll will have to face my fears and tough up. 
I would never ever make a women who decides to have epidural or a c-section feel less of than a women, my friends wife is giving birth today to their first child and she has been ordered to have a c-section and it kills me to hear that she is disappointed in herself. 😢 
Giving birth Via c-section or vaginally is tough nothing easy about it. Either way there is a baby; a human life that we as women carried, how it came out of us. Shouldn't matter, but it does. 😒😒 and that bothers me. So much. Hearing my friend cry for his wife breaks my heart. 
Sorry, for my rant. 
Just I've heard friends tell me oh don't get epidural you should trust for your body Cat. Or if you get a c-section they give you that look like 😦 oh I'm so sorry. You missed the experience of giving birth " naturally ". 
No matter how you do it, by having it done medically or naturally, we will all end up with something amazing... A baby. 😊